Olympia Transient

Boarding House Specially For Makati Transients 
- GOETHE Students and Language Students studying in Makati
- Companies looking for Staff House in Makati
- Company Staff Employees and OJTs on Training in Makati (Makati Dog and Cat Hospital)
- Seafarer, Seaman, Seawoman on Training in Makati (PTC)


We have students from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao who are staying with us.
Let us know how we can help you reserve a slot in the boarding house.

For Language Students:
Studying in GOETHE Institute Makati?
Studying in Every Nation Language Institute ENLI in Greenbelt?
Studying a new language in Makati?

Are you living very far from Makati and looking for a temporary place to stay for the duration of your class?
Do you want fellow GOETHE students, language students to be with you for group studies?
Do you want to meet and learn with fellow fiances and spouses processing their Visa in Makati?

For Companies:
Are you looking for a budget-friendly place to book your employee staff while they are on training in Makati?

For Employee Staff on Training or OJT:
Do you want to have easy commute in Makati while you are on training?

For Seafarer, Seaman, Seawoman on Training:
Are you living very far from Makati and looking for a temporary place to stay for the duration of your class?
Do you want to stay so close to your training center and have quick access to your instructors?
Do you want to be with your fellow seafarer, seaman, seawoman on training and be part of their group studies?

Look no further, Olympia Transient House is made just for you.

- located in the heart of Makati (non-flooded area)
- few minutes commute to GOETHE Institute, Every Nation Language Institute
- one ride to Makati Dog and Cat Hospital and Philippine Transmarine Carriers PTC in Makati 
- a lot of groceries and malls nearby --> Shopwise, PureGold, Rockwell, Landmark, Greenbelt
- fast food / eateries / bakeries / bbq shops nearby --> you're sure to find something to eat!
- walking distance to RCBC Tower, Makati Fire Station, Alphaland Makati, SM Jazz, Mapua University Makati, Makati City Hall, LTO Makati, Postal Office Makati, NSO Makati, SSS Makati, Western Union JP Rizal Makati, JRS Express JP Rizal Makati, 711 JP Rizal Makati
- nearest MRT - Guadalupe, Ayala, Magallanes
- nearest LRT - Buendia

What we offer:
- Entire Ground Floor is your Study and Lounge Area
- Wireless Internet WIFI (free) for keeping in touch with your boyfriend / fiance / family and friends abroad 
- Uratex mattress & locker cabinets for your belongings
- lounge with TV (free)
- kitchen equipped with purified drinking water (free) - no need to buy drinking water!
- locked gate to keep you safe and secure
- separate laundry and hanging area
- organized house rules (see below)


Calling all GOETHE Students!
Calling all Language Students!
Calling Makati Transients!

For as low as Php 3,000* per month
short term contract rate
* add Php 200 per month for basic water and electricity
* Daily rate @ Php 300 per day also available


Visit us at http://olympiaboardinghouse.blogspot.com/p/olympia-transient-house.html/
Contact us at +63 925 800 7470
Email us at olympiatransienthouse@gmail.com
See us in Bgy. Olympia, Makati City

We have students from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao who are staying with us.

Let us know how we can help you reserve a slot in the boarding house.

We can transact via bank deposits/transfers and Western Union for the reservation fee - the preferred method of payment of our existing tenants.





In order to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the Olympia Transient House, tenants are expected to follow the House Rules as listed below:


Within the Premises
    No VISITORS allowed
    Practice CLAYGO. CLean As You GO.
    Ensure Gate is always secured/locked.
    For security and safety reasons, Main Door is locked at curfew time.

    No Visitors allowed inside room
    Please do not bring food and drinks inside room to avoid infestation of cockroaches and rats
    Practice CLAYGOCLean AYou GO.
    Switch off Light and Wall / Ceiling Fan when not in use
    Practice Common Courtesy and Respect of Individual Space
    To avoid fire and untoward incidents, plug off electrical devices and safely keep electrical cords away from walkways when not in use
    To avoid theft or loss of personal belongings, please make sure that they are placed inside your locked cabinet
    Appliance provided by Boarding House Management are the only ones allowed inside the room. Any appliance and laptop brought in are subject to approval and may require extra charge by Boarding House Management.
    Boarding House Management reserves the right to inspect room.

Toilet and Bathroom
    Please clean up after use. Remove fallen hair from blocking the drainage and mop the bathroom floor dry for next person to use. Throw any trash in the waste bin of the Bathroom area.
    Please wipe your feet dry when leaving the Bathroom area.
    Make use of the shower curtain (if there is any) when bathing, it is there to ensure that the toilet seat is not wet with water for the next person to use
    Please be mindful of your time inside the T&B. You may use the bathroom for 15 minutes max.
    Switch off Light when not in use

    STRICTLY: NO Cooking
    Please dry your hands before leaving the Kitchen area.
    Practice CLAYGOCLean AYou GO.
    Please wipe dry dining table and kitchen counters after use. If needed, please sweep floor of any food debris.
    Please throw trash in the Food Waste Bin of the Boarding House.
    Ensure the refrigerator is tightly closed after use.
    Make sure the faucet is property switched off and water is not dripping when you leave the area
    Switch office Light when not in use

Common Areas
   Practice CLAYGOCLean AYou GO.
    Switch off Light and Appliances like TV, Electric Fan when not in use

Laundry & Ironing
    Strictly once per week for laundry and once per week for ironing.

Raising Issues/Concerns
    Please do not hesitate to raise any issues/concerns/worries regarding the Boarding House or fellow roommates to the Landlady. She is there to help you address your concerns.

Vacating the Boarding House
    Tenant is requested to notify the Management at least 1 month before terminating the contract in the Boarding House
    Security deposit can not be used as payment for rent

Reservation Fee
    Your reservation fee is only good for 1 week.
    Boarding House Management would contact you 5 days before your move-in date.
    If you do not reply back with a confirmation of your move-in after 2 attempts of contacting you, your reservation fee is forfeited.

Rental Payments
    Payments are made every month, based on the day of move-in.
    Payments for Full Duration are made on day of move-in for Daily Transients.
    A first warning is given if you failed to pay after 1 day.
    A second warning is given if you failed to pay after 3 days.
    You are requested to vacate the Boarding House if payment is not made after 2 warnings or if payment is not made after 5 days. Your security deposit is forfeited in this case.
    If you are unable to complete the terms in the contract, your security deposit is likewise forfeited.

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